Who, which, that... В чем же разница?

Эти местоимения часто путают! Все они на рус­ский обыч­но пе­ре­во­дят­ся сло­ва­ми "ко­то­рый, -ая, -ое, -ые".
Who - может употребляться по отношению как к одушевленным лицам.
Which - неодушевленные предметы.
That - как одушевленные лица, так и к неодушевленные.

Примеры:1. I know (don’t know) who did it. Я знаю (не знаю), кто сде­лал это.
2. I don’t know which book to choose. Я не знаю, какую книгу вы­брать.
3. They could not find anybody that (who) knew the town. Они не могли найти ни­ко­го, кто бы знал город.
4. It is the end of the letter (that, which) she sent me. Это конец пись­ма, ко­то­рое она мне при­сла­ла.

Вопрос: Приведите свои примеры использования этого правила.

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  1. In my view, this rule can be really useful in my active speech

  2. The Doctor helped Uds who saved him from the death
    The days which are coming she will never forget.

  3. The table which is near the window is made of wood.
    Ann who is my sister likes skiing.
    I want to find a skirt that is not so expensive.

  4. I understand who sold this car yesterday.
    We learn the rule which i know.
    The woman that i saw was homeless.
    Kristina Gradova

  5. I undersand who sold this car.
    We learn the rule which i know.
    the woman that i saw was homeless

  6. 1.I saw a girl that was wearing beautiful red dress.
    2.We will go to the castle which was built in the 18th century.
    3.She has a neighbor who has ten dogs.
    Nika Sikorskaya

  7. I read the book which was very interesting.
    I know who stole you money.
    We learnt the rule which was very difficult.

  8. 1)He is a man, who wears a brown coat.
    2)It is a dog, which likes running.
    3)She is a women, that likes hot-dogs.

  9. This man who like pancakes is so fat
    The telephone which we use in our life so portable
    this cup of tea that u like so expensive
    Danila Hyrynovich.

  10. 1) I know who is the artist of this pictures.
    2) I was looking for pens which was lost by me yesterday.
    3) I know some people that have Hapi Dram.